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Señora Cantu

Teaching Spanish is my Passion!
I was raised in a Bi-lingual Bi-cultural family; continuing the tradition with my husband and four children is important to me.  I have always appreciated the Spanish culture and received a Bachelor's degree in International Business with an emphasis on Latin America. Teaching Spanish in the local community and working with the wonderful families in North West Arkansas is something I truly enjoy.  As an instructor, at Central Park Elementary, Bentonville AR,  of Spanish and Global Connections, I discovered the need to enrich and expand children's knowledge of the Spanish language.  

Benefits of Learning


Students who come to Español con Señora Cantu can expect to learn Spanish. Especially if they stick with their classes for a year or more. The key to learning Spanish is consistent, meaningful, and repetitive exposure. Learning a new language can help make developmental strides that will prepare them to succeed, as well as gain an appreciation for other cultures.


Immersion education and the value of bilingual skills and cultural sensitivity are increasingly becoming recognized as essential to preparing individuals for success in our globally connected World.  



Early Learning 


Preschool through elementary age is the perfect window of opportunity for your child to follow the natural sequence of learning a second language.  With continued exposure your child will gain the benefits of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish.  When a child is engaged and enjoys the language, they learn much more effectively.  At Español con Señora Cantu we strive to ensure that in every class, our students are given many opportunities to acquire and understand new sounds and concepts.  A variety of teaching methods ensures they hear and speak Spanish in every class.






Mariza Cantu
Founder’s Notes 


 I am committed to Inspire, Teach, and Prepare each of my students with bilingual skills and cultural sensitivity, which will aid in their success in our globally connected world.


For the parents:

Witnessing your child learn another language is exciting! With every class, he or she will make strides that may surprise even you.  At first, your child may begin to understand Spanish words, then phrases, then sentences. He or she will also begin to answer simple questions, speak in short phrases, and then engage in simple Spanish conversation. I believe the key to learning Spanish is consistent, meaningful, and repetitive exposure.


For the Adult Learner:

The key to learning Spanish is understanding the meaning of the words. Once the definition is established, words are added to your vocabulary, and fluency emerges. Acquiring a new language takes patience, understanding, and repetition.  Together we will work to build comprehension, and fluency will follow.

Tell me, and I'll forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.– Benjamin Franklin




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